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Mid-Month Update

16 January 2014

I haven't posted anything life-y in a couple of weeks, mainly because there hasn't really been anything to share, but I thought I'd do a bit of a mid-month update, to keep everyone up to speed. Sidenote - yes, that is a picture of chicken, and yes, that is the only recent picture I've taken I deem worthy to use, and yes, it is totally unrelated, but I think it's safe to say it's made this post about 87% better, right?


Tomorrow, I turn 21 - I am both excited and terrified. Last night, I had a pre-birthday meal with my mum and dad, which was lovely, although I was so full up, the car journey home was painfuL - so so painful. Tomorrow night I'm going to the pub with some of my friends - nothing big, I don't really like making a fuss, but I'm looking forward to it - even if it is Karaoke night! We're also celebrating another's friends birthday on Saturday, and will hopefully be making a cheeky little trip to Camden, so maybe expect a blog post about it on Sunday. There's a couple more birthdays in the coming weeks, so it's all go go go!


My present from my parents is going to be a car, which is amazing. I haven't really thought about driving, as I get the bus or walk everywhere, but I got to thinking that when I get a job, it might be hard to get to, or I might just really want to drive, so me and dad have been looking for affordable, small cars that I can actually comfortably fit in - I'm a 6'4" hefty lad, it's hard. So far, only Polos have ticked the box; we had high hopes for the Corsa, but it's a no after the scene I made getting in and out (seriously, my leg was stuck under the steering wheel, so I had to shimmy my body out, fell into another car a little, and my coat and tshirt went half-way up my body, whilst my jeans were falling down, it was not a pretty sight.) 


The search for a job is back on, and now that I'm thinking of getting a car, and essentially growing up, I am even more determined to find something I enjoy, and can actually get. I'm also getting a good idea of what I want to do in the future now, the idea of Journalism and writing keep cropping up, so research will be done, and plans may be made. Exciting!


As expected, life is continuing to throw me all of the curveballs, but we're getting through it slowly. My 'Good Things That Happened in 2014' pot is getting a lot of use, which is good.

I'm also really proud of my blog at the moment, and I've still got some great stuff lined up - I'm loving planning things at the moment, but actually putting them into action is a whole other story. It's become quite music-heavy recently, so I'll try and retain the balance asap, but there's been so much good music at the moment. I've made a list, and just 16 days into 2014, I can already do a 'Top 23 of 2014.' Madness, sheer madness.

I've been songwriting again recently, at about 2am every night, where my brain seems to wake up and come up with great ideas - good job brain! This isn't really relevant to anything, but expect to see my album at #1 at the end of the year...

I think that's it. Oh, actually, I had a haircut about an hour ago and I really miss my longer fringe, so I'm a bit heartbroken at the moment, but I'm about to catch up with some Super Fun Night and Modern Family, so it's not all bad.
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