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A Day In Pompey

18 April 2014

A few weeks ago, I took a little trip to Portsmouth. Rewind to this time last year, I had a place at the University of Portsmouth for this year, and a couple of friends who would also be around, and for one of their birthdays I bought tickets to see Sarah Millican at the Guildhall. I didn't go to university in the end, so this meant one thing... day trip.

My mum and dad fancied coming down, and offered to drive me, and we spent the morning walking across the seafront. One thing I love about Portsmouth's seafront is that it isn't really commercial. There's a group of arcades and takeaways, but apart from that it's just a clear pebble beach - perfect. Slightly uncomfortable... but perfect.

I find the sea really relaxing, and spent a while just stood watching it, then we went off to The Harvester, which doesn't even look like a Harvester, for a delicious meal.

I didn't take a picture of all of it, as I was starving, but these southern fried chicken strips went down a treat. In true Harvester fashion, I made good use of the free salad bar, and opted for their fish and chips. A curveball was thrown when we reached dessert, however - I was full up. I felt defeated, I felt weak, I felt a bit bloated...

I spent the rest of the day walking around Gunwharf Quays, the big shopping centre, and met up with a friend from school, which was lovely. We had a walk across the seafront, and then hung out in his room, catching up and you know, 'having the lolz.'

I then met up with my other friend, who I was taking to see Miss Millican, had my (fun fact alert) second ever curry round his house, and off we went. It was great, we had 2nd row seats, and she was even funnier than she is on t'telly - result!

After staying the night on my friends sofa, and spending the morning chilling out in his living room, we went for a quick explore of the university, and the nearby shops, before I caught my train. It wasn't the most jam-packed, exciting of days, but it was great, and before I left I remembered to take one final picture to round off a potential blog post (I know) and found this cool water feature.

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