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A Letter To My Teenage Self

21 August 2014
Last month, my blogging buddy Chelsea posted a letter that she'd send to her 13 year old self. It's a lovely read, so be sure to go and check it out! I went on to wonder what I'd say to myself, and decided to write my own letter...

Dear 15 year old Rob,

First things first, please get rid of that blue fleece. I know you like it, it was loud and obnoxious, it contrasted well with your personality, but in a couple of years time you are really going to come to hate it. Even the thought of it makes you shudder a little. Also, please start wearing longer, maybe black socks. We both know your trousers got a bit too short for you, but no-one wants to see your ankles. That's actually fashion now, you know. Showing off your ankles. You're going to hate it.

You're going to become much more adventurous with clothes though. It won't all be blues and whites and stripes, we're talking floral and crazy patterns and... dare I say, canvas shoes. No more trainers Rob, it's a great world. You get a bit body confident... I know, right?

You're also going to become less naive, I'm sorry to say. I know you try and see the best in people, but being a bit more of a realist is actually going to help in the long run, I promise. Most of the people in our year who you talk to, will mean nothing when it comes to leaving school, unfortunately, but don't worry, most of our friendship group will still be in your life, even if it is quite sparingly, and they'll give you some of the best memories ever.

You will go abroad at some point, just not with the family. Don't worry, we'll still go on family coastal trips, but opportunities will come up for you to jump on an aeroplane (let's hope you're not scared of them or anything, hint hint) and actually go to a different country. Imagine. 

Just a little warning though, we make a couple of big decisions regarding our future. They seem great at the time, but they do lead to months of unemployment, hermit-ing yourself because you don't have any money and a slight bit of depression. Nothing too major, but you spend a lot of time inside your own head. Let's not do that so much, yeah? Oh yeah, by the way, Year 14 is a bit shit. There are still great people at school, and you do some fun things, but you're going to have a very rough few months. Don't be scared, save that for when it comes, and you know what, it's going to turn you into a stronger person. Believe me. I won't tell you what happens, because I don't want you to be all Rob and try and dodge it at every moment, but it'll really change your view on life. How ominous...

To end on a high note, the day I'm writing this is a nice day. The sun is kind of out, and there's a nice breeze, (yup, we hate the heat even more now) and I'm waiting for Dad to finish his Sunday roast. They're better than ever, I've got to say.

21 (and a half) year old Rob x

PS: Please discover hairspray and styling sooner.
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