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Redecorating My Room // Part 1: Paint and Mess

12 September 2014
After months and months of planning and waiting and planning and waiting and forgetting all about it and planning and window shopping online and planning and waiting and splurging everywhere, it's finally here - I'm redecorating my room.

Before I start, here's a bunch of pictures from about 18 months ago, that I put on Instagram (and filtered one for some reason) to show what it originally looked like. Mismatched furniture, loads of beach and campervan paraphenalia and a Girls Aloud poster... of course. As a teenager it was perfect; colourful, full of everything and anything, and I'd chosen everything all by myself. Then I grew up and decided my room needed to too...

This is the difference in colour I'm going for 3 of the walls. Bright blue to 'Cool Grey.' To be honest, I've been a bit disappointed with the paint as we've done 3 coats so far (one as a base, then a double coat) and we're still getting specks of blue through... tut tut.

We've ripped everything out, apart from the wardrobe, and so everything's kind of thrown together in the corner of my room. This is the view that I woke up to this morning... elegant.

This is the part of mum and dad's bedroom that I've taken over with the rest of my stuff... sorry!

So far we're two walls down, I'm doing a third tomorrow and we'll start breaking up and painting my old units to turn until shelves and stuff. Nothing too exciting at the mo, but I wanted to document the journey thus far, and it's definitely a start!
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