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Robsessions // September '14

16 September 2014

I've been loving a lorra lorra things recently, and realised I hadn't done a general 'favourites' post since I started this little series in June *slaps wrist* so sound the dodgy graphic alarm, it's time for another Robsessions...

Great British Bake Off

It's gone from being a random BBC2 show I thought I'd find really boring, to my favourite programme. Bake Off is like Pinterest, but in televisual form - beautiful cakes and pastries, a few fails and some ruddy brilliant commentary. It always inspires me to get baking but it's always a little disheartening when your idea of technical is making sure things don't burn around the edges, and you still manage to fail. I don't think I could handle that look of disappointment from Mary Berry...

Vanilla Yoghurt

I'd never really liked yoghurt as a teen, but as I'm slowly substituting bad stuff for good stuff in my diet, I thought I'd see what my taste buds are saying nowadays, and played it safe with vanilla. Turns out - I love it! It's a very inconsistent flavour across brands I've found, as you'd probably expect, but the spectrum literally goes from amazing to absolutely vile. My brand of choice is Rachel's. Onken comes in close second, with M&S trailing in third if I'm desperate. Yeo Valley doesn't even deserve a mention, but yeah, vile.

Nicki Minaj - Anaconda

I don't know why, but I've been obsessed with 'Anaconda.' Well, actually I do know, it's ridiculous, and I love ridiculous stuff. The random 'Baby Got Back' sample... ridiculous. The lyrics about the dude named Michael who used to ride motorcycles... ridiculous. The video... ridiculous. The sheer volume of butts... ridiculous. The fact I already know the lyrics... even more ridiculous. I love it a lot.

Also, shoutout to Ellen for this masterpiece:

Got2b Freeze Spray

It's essentially just hairspray, but it's a damn good hairspray. The only thing that actually drew me in was the bright yellow, and probably the fact it was on sale in Boots, but after a few weeks of regular use, I've noticed a less straw-y texture to my hair after washing it, it lets me do more of a messy do with less effort and spray, and the smell of the spray is actually really nice - I haven't choked on it at all yet. Thumbs up all round.

My Geometric Backpack

I hadn't worn a backpack since Year 12, but after getting packed buses to work on a daily basis, shoulder bags were proving to be uncooperative, and I didn't want to have to hold onto it, and only have the one hand to stop myself from falling as we turned what felt like a hundred sharp corners. This bag, from River Island, which I actually saw on sale on Asos, screamed out to me - it has everything I'd ever want in a bag. It's a good size, it's sturdy and has a colourful geometric print... perfect. You done good River Island.

Grace Helbig

Hands down, she's my favourite YouTuber, but recently Grace Helbig's been on top form. Her new podcast/video combo, 'Not Too Deep' is brilliant, just 3 episodes in, and I can't wait to pick up a copy of her book. She's been on US telly a few times now, and she's shooting a pilot for E! All whilst going on tour with her best friends. It's weird how much of an attachment you get to someone who makes a few videos a week, but after seeing her progression and achievements over the past few years, you can't help but watch her videos and feel ever so proud...

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande intrigues me. Her new album is great, and has a lot of sass, but in pictures she always looks shy and a bit uncomfortable. Apparently she has damaged hair from dyeing it for that show she was in, which is why the ponytail is always in action, that's pretty much all of the research I've done on her, but yeah her album's a really good listen, especially the track with The Weeknd. Also, Bang Bang is a tune.

Chupa Chups Cherry Candles

They smell great, last longer than you'd imagine and only cost £1. 'Nuff said.


Yellow's always been my favourite colour, but it's never really in my life enough for me to be obsessed. Until now, as I'm painting one of my walls yellow, and as the tub of paint is sat literally a metre away from me, I've fallen back in love with it. How exciting.
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  1. That Ellen video is amazing! I hadn't actually heard the song before, I had no idea it was so completely ridiculous.

    Nicola //