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09 October 2014

Earlier this year, I challenged my blogging buddy Chelsea to write a post about music, and she decided to talk about the soundtrack to her life. It was pretty damn good, so I'll link it here if you want to go and 'ave a read.

I've wanted to do the same for ages, and I realised I hadn't done a proper good music post in absolute yonks, so here we go...


The day I was born, Whitney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You,' was number one. One of my mum's all time favourite songs, by one of the biggest powerhouse vocalists ever. One of the most iconic power ballads of all time, and one of the most popular songs to be murdered by slightly too confident drunk karaoke goers, talent show competitors and me in the shower. Altogether now...


According to my mother, I used to sing Robbie Williams' 'Angels' all the time when I was younger. Go me aiming for and probably not even being close to hitting the big notes, sheesh. What a song, though.

In the Steps vs S Club 7 mini war, my group of choice was Steps. I mean come on, they had colour coded singles for crying out loud. My favourite colour has always been yellow, and apparently I was such a simple child that my favourite Steps song was... the one that they wore yellow in. Brilliant. It is actually a great song with some great moments though. Lisa's look into the camera as she tries to seductively whisper 'SOS' and 'there's no escape,' that amazing storyline, Lisa's pigtails and of course... Claire's cowboy hat. Amazing.

Early Teens

Carrying on the initial theme of power ballads, the song I remember most from my early teens is one of my favourite songs of all time. I'd even go as far as saying top three. I don't really know why this Snow Patrol/Martha Wainwright song hit me like I did, it's not like I was old enough to know what real feelings were or anything, and it's not the biggest or most powerful of songs, but I love it an awful lot, and still have a good old fist-clenching, dramatically mouthing the words or singing along moment to it now and then. Beautiful.

Late Teens

I discovered Marina and the Diamonds, or Marina Lambrini Diamandis as her friends and family call her- well I imagine they just call her Marina, or some kind of nickname, or- anyway, I found Marina's song 'Mowgli's Road' thanks to a friend online, and it was just... a little bit weird. The initial cuckoo, the concertina card for limbs in the video, I was in love. Her first proper single, 'Hollywood' came out not too long after, and my love for her was cemented. Then 'I Am Not A Robot' and 'Oh No' and 'Shampain' and all of these great songs became the soundtrack to my A Levels... seriously. She was a little bit bonkers, had a Welsh family background, was pretty honest, looked good and... I could go on. (She still is all of this, obvs, and she has new music coming out very soon so colour me excited~)


At the moment I'm really loving Neon Jungle. To be honest, I'm a sucker for girlgroups and it was a tough decision to choose between them, Little Mix and The Saturdays but 'Louder' has been one of my favourite songs of the year. Again, a great shower-oke song, and it's got some freaking great strings at the end for a nice dramatic climax. Very cool.

Guilty Pleasure

Sticking to the girl groups theme, I couldn't do this post without mentioning Girls Aloud. I don't know why, but the second I started watching Popstars: The Rivals, I was hooked. Back then, I was young and naive and didn't really think about the manipulation of talent shows behind the scenes and stuff, and I had a crush on Nicola, and it was all just very exciting. When they formed and Sound of the Underground came out, it pretty much cemented any kind of love I had for them, and they spawned hit after hit. I'm genuinely gutted they've split properly, but relieved I got to go and see them live last year... twice. My all time favourite song is Sexy! No No No... slightly ridiculous (if you're a regular reader, you'll know I love the ridiculous), with a rock edge and it sounds incredible live.

The Future?

All I'm going to say is... I want another Nicola Roberts album. Then I'll be content.

Feel free to give this a go yourself, and send them my way~
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