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Meghan Trainor - Title // Review

26 January 2015

Meghan Trainor, the woman responsible for 'All About That Bass' - the biggest song of last summer, the song that was rejected by the likes of Beyonce and Adele, the song that gave a lot of women of a bigger size a boost in confidence, the song that was great for doing this but went on to body shame those of a smaller size and no I'm not just referring to the 'skinny bitches' line, the song that also promoted accepting your body for a man as opposed to yourself, the song that blows all of that out of the water for being so bloody catchy - has an album out, and after 'Bass' and latest cut 'Lips Are Moving,' it's very clear that you're in for a throwback treat.

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This throwback style and the layered harmonised vocals featured throughout 'Title' remind me a little of Ariana Grande, but whilst Grande has taken it and mashed it up with a cool, r'n'b style, Trainor goes for a more cute and quirky approach, and the pastel, bubblegum colours that fill her two latest videos are a good indication of the recycled retro style of the album. Throw in a few urban influences and a couple of ballads and there is just enough variation for it not to get too repetitive.

There's no denying that Trainor is a talented songwriter, and knows how to write a good hook, and big props to her for writing on each track, but at times the lyrics tend to get a bit lost in the afore-mentioned cute and quirky production. Highlights involve the two singles, and penultimate track 'What If I' which sounds like a modern day Grease song, but things go a little downhill for 'Bang Dem Sticks,' which is just... a bit of a mess. Overall, apart from the singles, there are no real clear stand-out tracks, which is a shame, but if you really liked 'All About That Bass' then I'm sure you'll have some sort of feelings for this.

First Listen Reviews

The Best Part void
All About That Bass 8/10
Dear Future Husband 7.1/10
Close Your Eyes 7.3/10
3AM 6.4/10
Like I'm Gonna Lose You (Ft. John Legend) 6.8/10
Bang Dem Sticks 5.8/10
Walkashame 7/10
Title 6.3/10
What If I 7.2/10
Lips Are Movin 8.2/10

Overall: 7.02

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