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Chiquito // Grub Crawl

27 January 2015

For my friend's birthday last week, we went to the Uxbridge branch of Chiquito. As customary with nearly every meal, I kicked things off with a chocolate milkshake. It was light and frothy, a rare treat.


Also continuing my mission to eat healthier and try new foods, I went for the chicken, bacon and avocado salad, which had a citrus-y tang and a lot more grilled chicken than I was expecting. I've never tried sweet potato before, and unfortunately was not impressed, but the rest was absolutely delicious - good job everyone.

I also dived head first into trying grilled halloumi, which everyone and their aunt seems to love, and thankfully I do too. It has an interesting rubbery texture which surprisingly isn't that weird, and I'm sucker for the taste of burnt cheese, so a giant thumbs up from me.

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