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My Week In Pictures // 18.01.15

18 January 2015
In 2015, I want to really make an effort of taking pictures (and not just for my blog.) Here's a few that I've taken over the past week...

On Monday, we said goodbye to my Nan, with a lovely, very emotional service.

I had my first meal at Bella Italia, and tried avocado for the first time. You can see how that went here.

We went to see Into The Woods afterwards, which was bloody brilliant! This week I've been doing Movie Week 2.0, where I've watched a different film every night, and I'll be reviewing all 7 on Tuesday! I forgot to take a picture of my ticket or something, and couldn't find a good promotional pic to use, but I did find this... brilliant.

I tried out the Bulldog skincare range and I am already in love with it. My face is already feeling a bit smoother, and the products smell lush.

Looking through my nans old photo albums and paperwork, I found a load of old baby pictures and artwork; some of which I shared a couple of days ago,

I turned 22 this week - that's all.

For my birthday meal I had a Chicken Caesar Salad from Red Iron Grill...

... and ruined it with a Smarties cookie dough pudding and a milkshake from Creams. Worth it.

My friends also gave me some lovely presents too!

Today I spent the day visiting my Grandad, and we watched sports for hours. I don't mind cricket, but I find football tedious and I'm proud to say I sat through a whole match - even with the awkward sun-goes-down-can't-be-bothered-to-get-up-and-put-the-light-on-so-we'll-sit-in-darkness.
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