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#FriendFriday (On a Saturday) - The Extended Sibling Tag With @BenN5293

24 August 2013
So, after checking my posts after my last post, I saw I had this scheduled to post today instead of yesterday, oops. It's a day late, but it's still hopefully amazing - enjoy!

I don't actually have any blood related siblings, but Ben is like my little brother so I thought - wouldn't it be 'hilarious' to do The Sibling Tag? I've called it The Extended Sibling Tag as we added a few questions to the end, and we're probably related somehow... extended. Get ready for 20 questions of pure love. Ben's answers will be in red, and mine will be in orange. Let's do this!

1. Who's the oldest?
Me, by like... 19 days.
Pssh, I'm older mentally.
Lol, no. You probably are to be honest, I still feel about 17/18

2. What's your funniest memory?
I think that extended project lesson where I hid under the table, and then the whole play fight situation where you dragged me out and shook me upside down.
Haha, I was about to say the exact same thing! You stole something of mine though didn't you?
Haha I had your phone, wallet, ipod, keys, everything. I think even took your memory stick
Oh my god, you did, you lil' bish...

3. What's your most memorable argument?
I think I can honestly say... we've never argued?
Yeah, I don't think we have.
I mean, if I'm honest, you wouldn't care, and I can't be bothered to argue so it's perfect haha.
It's more like meh you win.
We don't even have reasons to.

4. Do you still argue?

5. Show us an old photo
You know the one that pops into my head, that butters one where we're all on that bench outside dance and drama.
Hahah, oh god yes. Well, I'm going to try and find a nice one to like... ooh, the prom one, that was the front cover, boom!
Oh fuck yes, that dream boat one!

6. What was the last text you sent/received?
Whatsapp was rape face haha, and on text it's 'there's no signal what's up?'
Haha nothing glamorous.
Haha let's move on from that mess.

7. Are you close?
I was humping you the other day and giving you a lapdance or two :P Plus yesterday I pretended to suck you... I don't just do that to any stranger you know...
Whilst wrapped around my leg... anyway, yes we're close. Geographically not as much as I'd like to be honest.

8. Name one thing you love about the other.
The way we haven't argued and like how you're willing to learn about Pokemon, and humour me all the time.
That's 3 things Ben, pay attention. Jk, and tbh I do it all with pleasure.
Well I just love you that damn much you slapper.
Mine's pretty similar - you put up with me haha. Especially those 4/4 months when I was unemployed and stuff, you put up with me EVERY. DAY.
Haha I liked it, you put up with my work shit with that bellend Tariq.
Oh god, Tariq.

9. Name one thing that annoys you about the other.
Haha erm, you don't accept it when I give you a compliment.
Ffs, stop stealing mine! That's about the closest thing we get to arguing...
Or when we're like 'ily' and you're like no.
Only if I don't deserve it though... ;)

10. Do you get competitive?
You do. I do sometimes... but tbh we don't really do any competitive stuff, you do that with other people.
I don't like losing to anyone, but the other day at bowling with the basketball game, I kicked your butt.
Haha true, one of us tried to remove it from our memory...

11. Name something you do together.
Gecko. Kangaroo. We watch Pokemon together... erm, sext?
Yup, we're doing that right now while we do this... *sends dick pic*

12. Have you ever fancied any of the others mates?
Haha, ALL of them.
All your friends are FIT, especially me but like you know... ;)
Very true.
I'm lying, I only fancy you
Awww yay, fake incest.

13. Name one thing you can do that the other can't.
Twerk. *evil cackle*
Haha bitch, erm, win at pool.
Haha, erm, Adam beat you.
He beat me three times.
I can name every Pokemon.
Omg yes, haha, good one...

14. Who is the best looking?
Ben, by farrr.
Haha, shucks STOP LYING *punches*
Haha, NO. *kicks*

15. Who is the most talented?
I'd say we're both talented at different things, but you're talented at more.
Haha, feck off, look mister, yeah it's you
Don't be thilly
Don't be a silly philly.
Haha okay how about even?
Fine -.-

16. Do you have any nicknames for each other?
Testies, Bob, Bobert, Rob, Robbie.
Have you ever called me Bobert?
Haha, in my head...
I used to call you Bennybens, which I'm sorry for. Benjamin if I'm trying to authorative, or I'll go all full name if I'm trying to be really authorative.

17. Describe the other person in one word.
Awww, adorable.

18. What are your favourite inside jokes?
Spanish, gecko, kangaroo.
Ooh ooh, #benning.
Erm, clean yourself up and the bed, but not me ;) Throwing shade with a x
Rolling in salt.
Blowing on your belly.
Haha back farts, feet tickling.
Boob grabbing.
Motor boating.
That's love betch! Ily ily ily ily ily. Oh, and finally one day, EAGLE.

19. Do you have any secret together?
I don't think so.
There is probably a few but to be honest, I'm amazing at keeping secrets - so amazing that someone tells me them and I forget, never to be told again.
If it counts, there's things I've told you and then just haven't told anyone else 'cause I forgot/cba/didn't want to talk about it again.

20. How do you say hi and goodbye?
Boob grab, a hug and a slap normally, isn't it? Occasional motorboat.
Haha yup, you kiss peoples' necks tbh, and I just like end up kissing the air cause I can't reach your head.
Haha, oh yeahh.
I bearhug goodbye and then halfway through realise, shit you've got a bad back so like, sorry about that.

Thanks Ben! Be sure to check out my lovely little friend on Twitter and Instagram~
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