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I Went Into Town & Got A Few Bits

21 January 2014
I went into town today to get a few presents for upcoming birthdays, and as luck would have it, everything at home ran out, or was close to running out, plus I wanted to get a few things out of my birthday money, so it turned into a bit of a shopping trek. I feel like blogging about what I got, is one of the only ways I can redeem spending so much at the moment, so enjoy!

First off, I stumbled into Boots to see what treasures I could find. A lot of the products were still on sale, which I took full advantage of. I picked up some Nivea Men Face Scrub and Post Shave Balm, which were half price at £2.29 and £2.67 respecitively, and the Garnier Fructis 'Manga Head' Putty, also half price at £1.52. I also decided to try Boots' own-brand hairspray.

This week, I've decided to set myself a challenge to watch a movie I hadn't seen before, every night, so I went into CEX and spent a good half an hour looking through their stock before buying Love Actually, Ted and Identity Thief. I also found the second Celebrity Juice DVD for £1, so I nabbed that too.

These classic Saturdays' albums were only £1 each as well. The CD cases are cracked, but for £1 each who really cares?

TRESemme shampoos are on sale in Tesco, and where else could you really get 900ML of quality shampoo for £2.40? In Wilkinsons, I got a Glade Pomegranate candle (only 1, which was very hard to do,) for £2, some Vaseline for £2, a couple of hand sanitisers for 50p each, cotton buds for £1, Freederm face wipes for £3, a random pastry brush for 50p and a memo block.

Finally, I had a quick wander around Poundland and picked up a loaf tin, a lighter for my candle, some double lollies, which are my obsession at the moment, and some Strawberry scented pocket tissues, which don't actually smell that great.
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