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A Shout-Out To The T-Shirts That Get Demoted To Pyjama Tops

02 February 2014

There comes a point in many t-shirts' lives, where it faces that awkward demotion from everyday-wear to pyjama-wear. It could be for a number of reasons - you've got new clothes, it's slightly battered, or the love just may be lost - either way, it's day has come. It may not be facing the terrifying fate of the bin just yet, and at least it's still getting some action, but it still must be a bit of a kick in the balls...

Anyway, this is a little shoutout to those t-shirts - the real heroes of the wardrobe. Never given the TLC of a regular t-shirt, sometimes sat folded in a drawer, wishing they could experience the feeling of a coat hanger just one more time, the ones that are hung up are stuck next to the fancy dress items and nostalgic school clothes, and in general they're just given up on. 

(Disclaimer: I am fully aware that clothes do not have feelings, don't worry)

The Pacman Ghosts on Abbey Road t-shirt on the left was one of my favourite t-shirts to wear under an unbuttoned shirt, but the transfer started to flake off, and now it just looks terrible. Same goes for the Melted Rubix Cube t-shirt, that has slightly discoloured the white parts of the transfer, and has also started to flake off a little.

I bought the inverted stripe t-shirt for my holiday back in June, and very quickly grew out of love with it. Matched with some washing damage, note the white spot in the middle below the green stripe, there's about 5 or 6 more elsewhere, it was sadly demoted. I got the stupid fish one on the right on sale for about 3 or 4 pound, and wore it once during the summer.

It's not all bad news, though. This anchor-print t-shirt, which always ombres harshly to the same blue as the pocket, was one of my favourites during the summer. The pocket is coming off slightly, and it's a bit tight, so there's nothing I can't fix, or weight I can't lose by the summer, so you never know, this t-shirt could make a U-turn.
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