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Some Body Shop Bits

05 June 2014
I took advantage of a Body Shop sale online and got so excited when the parcel arrived that I took some pictures and thought I'd write about them. Enjoy!

I opted for the larger shower gel but didn't really comprehend the beast I was about to unleash from the cardboard cage. It's even got a pump... a pump! Just to show you the size, I put my phone next to it... you're welcome. I say it very often but strawberry is my all time favourite scent from TBS, and I'm genuinely excited

Speaking of strawberry, I picked up the body butter too, so I'm going be attracting ALL of the bees this summer. I'd been using the smaller version, sparingly may I add, but now I'm ready to get all body buttered in this bitch~ It's taking all of my power not to dip my finger right through to the bottom... I wish I was joking.

I treat my hair terribly, (by which I mean I ruffle, hairspray to death, wash with cheap shampoos and repeat) so I thought I'd go for some of the... y'know, good stuff. I opted for the Rainforest Volume shampoo, in a smaller size, and the banana shampoo, which smells so good I fear I may just start drinking it, one tired morning.

I also got some Choco-mania shower cream... I'm still in two minds whether I like the scent, but teamed with strawberry it's lush.

SOAPS. I have no other words...

I've been meaning to try some of their foot products, mostly for the peppermint smell, and also for the... foot benefits. The crystals are very strong... I opened the tub and it cured the little cold I've had the last couple of days ... I shit you not. Multi-uses ftw. I'm currently doing a work experience placement, where I'm on my feet most of the day, so I can't wait to have a good soak when I get home tomorrow. Friday evenings with Rob everyone...
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