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Harvester Disappointment // Grub Crawl

30 September 2014
On Saturday, we took a bus down to Northolt for a cheeky little Harvester. Usually a nice safe option, right?

It was a Saturday night, so it was obviously busy, but our waiter was sloppy and forgetful, and we spent a good 20-30 minutes with 2 forks between us as we tucked into our free salads. There were  barely any staff around to ask, no empty tables to steal a fork from, and nothing in the little cutlery drawer we were sat next to, so I ended up using a piece of cucumber as a spoon - classy.

In another rare moment of disappointment, the salad was dry and tasteless. The cucumber was a little chewy, and according to my friends the pasta was horrible - it was very unnerving. Ye olde faithful was not living up to its' usual standards.

The bread was lush as ever though. 

Our mains came, and things were generally okay, although my plate had two questionable orange stains around the side. The sausages were slightly burnt, but the mash was nice - I was still very shaken.

Finished it all though, obvs.

One lovely surprise was that the unlimited drinks machine had the whole soft drink + flavoured syrup thing going on, which is great if you're feeling a little, y'know, wild, but I went for a good old Tango.

For dessert I opted for the Banoffee Pot, which, to be honest, was tiny. A good 60% of it was a rich, thick caramel, alongside a blob of custard, a sprinkle of this weird banana powder stuff and a few pieces of chocolate on top. I wasn't expecting anything grand, but I was expecting just a little bit more...

I'm hoping it was just a one-off, especially as the last 10-probably 40 times we've had a meal from The Harvester it's been great, but I doubt we'll be returning soon.
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